Harmony Beef & Bacon Sausages!

It's about time I did a food post.  I LOVE FOOD! Real food makes me happy - clean taste, clean feel. Ever since I have been eating paleo/primal/caveman or whatever, I have been much more into cooking.  My wife is not complaining, in fact she would be glad for me to cook every night these days. It's weird, but I get the same feeling from cooking that I do when I am doing some artwork. Enjoying that creative process, and tranquility.

When I started out I clung on to about half a dozen or so recipes that I followed religiously, and that was ok. Now I am much more intuitive, based around the very simple concept of protein + veges + flavour. Flavour being anything from pure butter to spices, to selected herbs from the garden. I have got to the stage where I enjoy the challenge of making a taste sensation out of whatever is left in the fridge or pantry. Real food never lets you down! Here's a dish that I made up like that - it probably doesn't sound that amazing, but I had fun making it  - luxuriating in the green colours of the grated courgette mixing with the browns of the mushrooms, the smell of the butter merging with the garlic - mmmm!

Anyway - here's the flow of it;

Ghee melted on a medium heated pan, some garlic, then a whole  bag of mushrooms, sliced. A little time to settle in, then I added some grated courgette (2) and a couple of sliced capsicums with 4 chopped tomatoes, plus some kumara I had precooked. While all those guys made friends, I cooked the beef & bacon sausages in another pan, in some ghee.

By the way, did I mention that these sausages kick ass? Harmony know what good meat is, and in doing so they take sausages out of the realm of "processed food' back to the real food camp - yeah it's good for you! 

From here I just added  some herbs from my garden that I felt would add flavour in the right way - rosemary, tarragon and basil. End result? Kinda a risotto - ish/roast flavour mix that might be better suited to winter in that it created "cosy" feelings. It got the thumbs up from the wife and that's the main thing.