My primal favourites week: workouts with rocks, rabbit chasing, tree climbing, log lifting and movement through uneven terrain…

Monday Rock workout:
Using appropriate weight rocks…20 ground to overhead (touch and go), 10 overhead lunges, rock rolls for 10m out and back, farmers walk, uphill run with rugby ball shaped rock – 10 rock throws. Run back.
Only did 3 rounds - was running late
Cows kept me company; extra skill factor was having to doge the cow pats. Whoops, I don’t have that much skill…

Tuesday rabbit chasing:
I chased 14 rabbits in total. Only one good run though of about 350m, all the others were short staggers on uneven terrain. This was probably the most fun workout of the week! You never know when you are going to run until you spot the rabbit, and you never know where you are going to end up running. The one constant is that the rabbits disappear as soon as you take your eyes off them…

Wednesday tree play:
This session is tree based and basically “does what the tree tells you to do”. There are 5 trees; tree 1 is the pull-up/muscle up/jump up tree, number 2 is the climb and circle tree, and under branch shimmy, tree 3 is the jump climb tree with 4 different approaches, tree 4 is similar but is jump and swing through and land, rather than climb. Tree 5 is basically an upper body merry goes round.
Man it was dark! I had to use caution and did not find the KSO Treks that great on the trees – need to be able to jam my feet in more.
 I had fun putting a little circuit together on tree 4 with jump ups and descents that started to get a good flow on.

Thursday log workout:
5 commando pull-ups on a tree (shoulder to branch), 5 log clean & squats, 2 rock cleans and throws over a fallen tree, 5 log clean 7 overheads, walk down hill, heavy rock farmers walk, 3 log flips, over the shoulder log carry uphill and back.
This morning was even darker! I trained with DC, and I was a little worried about him getting hurt. Turns out I should have worried more about myself! I had some great humpty dumpty falls – due to slippery shoes I had on, and the darkness made a huge difference. Usually I can walk uphill with a log on my shoulder fairly well, but it was nearly impossible that morning. That said, the falling was quite fun, I had it under control, and no real injuries.

Friday – “the Grid”
This is called the Grid because you cut a grid through uneven terrain in a varied natural obstacle course. There are tight squeezes under logs, balance walking along branches, crawling through a small tunnel, a blindfolded uphill bear crawl, tree climbing and rock climbing.
I was tired from the weeks training and just did this session as one short round of movement therapy.

This week has got too dark for good primal training so I have adjusted my next week to be “dark friendly’ and then I will do one final primal week in good light after daylight savings ends.

So who else is doing this stuff out there? It’s not just training – it’s living!