My Primal Training: Respect Week - March

It's been a tough training week - I have been breaking my own rules of avoiding chronic cardio by doing my "Primal Extreme" programme for a little too long (like all summer) - it should really only be about a month long as a kinda "boot camp" extra effort.  But I have been greedy for primal workouts I guess.

I did my Mt Eden workout - it's got a rope climb, hill clambering, trail running, downhill bear crawling, some tree climbing, plus sit-ups, lunges and burpees for good measure! I was enjoying it so much I did an extra rope climb and hill clamber at the end.

Hill Sprints...8 x 200 or so metres. This was just pain - my hill starts gradually and builds up just when the lactic starts to kick in- ugh!  I wore the Vibrams for this and they were good, they seem to be best for my "barefoot" sprint workouts so far.

"The Ditch Jumper" - this one is pretty bootcampish - it starts with some rock squats, some extended ditch jumps (jump down, climb back up, jump down etc), a sprint to a small hill with some repeated climbs/descents, more ditch jumping followed by a good solid session of monkey bar work such as dead hang pull ups, parrallette push ups, dips, knees to elbows, vaults, box jumps, verticle jumps, bear crawling and some other stuff...

"MovNat 101" - this one is like a "buffet of Movnat inspired activities". It starts with balance beam walking(the darkness in early morning made this more difficult than usual - I had to bail out a few times!), tree climbing, a field sprint, some running through trees, boulder climbing, hill clambering and crab walk descents, log lifting and uphill walking over uneven terrain, finished up with some rock lifting and throwing.

"Hill Attack". I trained with Dave (DC) on this one - nice to have some company on this fairly grueling workout. This one "attacks' the hills, or volcanic craters in our case at One Tree Hill. The format is simple; we have  three craters to attack, all with three sides that have a different role to play. The first side is the "sprint effort" - usually it is so steep that it is more of a staggering bear crawl than a run. The decent is best done crab walk style, although it can get pretty close to skiing instead. Quite good fun.
The opposite side is the less steep option, and calls for an uphill and downhill bear crawl, although in the steepest parts it becomes more of an army style arm crawl.(yep, that counts as upper body...)
The last ascent is the 'long effort" and it a pure endurance effort of between 150 to 300 or so metres depending on the crater. Just get on up!
We do easy "transport running" in between craters, and after the nine hill repeats the finisher is a long clamber to the top of One Tree Hill, while the rabbits laugh at us because our legs are so useless by then we pose no threat to them at all.

So I have noticed that my primal workouts that fit into the "respect" week are all very bootcamp style. Next week will be quite different - it's my favourites week! It will be much more akin to MovNat, very elemental with workouts based around rocks, trees, logs, rabbit chasing and movement on uneven terrain. I will try and get some video of some of it.
Till then!