The North Shore Coastal Challenge 2011

(sorry for this popping up here, I am still learning about blogging and needed to re post it!)

Ok, so this Saturday March 5th we (Me, Mat peters and Dave Carran - AKA the relay team "The Complex Carbs") did the Coastal Challenge together, 3 legs of 11k each doing the Arkles Bay to Devonport
Run - Walk - Wade - Scramble - Rock Hop!

Our main aim was just to enjoy it all and have some primal fun. The weather was completely different to the previous weeks, pouring rain! At least the air was warm, and the sea was warmer.  I was in trouble at the beginning - I couldn't get the tune from Guy Sebastian out of my head (jokes), I have heard it on the radio too much - "who's that girl? just walked into the club?" Oh god! Luckily it went straight out of my head at the start of the race - it could have been ugly if that tune had followed me out onto the course.
I got a good start which is what I like to do, probably around 10 people in front of me when we hit the cliffs. All the primal training I did about 3-4 weeks  out had definitely got me enough stamina to play with for my leg of the race. I was trialling the Vibram Five Fingers My initial review here. Here is what I learnt!

I love my vibrams, but they suck in a race over technical rock terrain. I thought I had got it sorted out during training, but it's different on race day. I always had my doubts, and they were confirmed. So they are great for training in - they make you more skilled and stronger - but when it comes to racing I want some good off road shoes for when I smash my foot on the rocks! Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance got it right on his Unscared' blog when he compared shoe running to barefoot when it comes to race performance. go the innov8. But go barefoot for training sometimes - it's good for you. I saw quite a few others out there with Vibrams on - I wonder how they found it?

Oh yeah, results-wise, we cam 5th out of 21 teams, 3rd in the 3 team member category. But much more importantly, we had great FUN! I felt pretty damn close to nature that's for sure. There were some great fellow athletes out on the course - I respected the company.  

It's funny though how even when you are not being that competitive, you still want to get good results when you have finished the event. My primal training so far has been really good fun, and does get me pretty fit, but not as fit as when I do CrossFit. However, I have some more primal training experiments to perform on myself yet, and the next one is to create a weekly format that is a hybrid of Primal-CrossFit