Primal Guinea Pigs Gone Bad

Bad Guinea Pig!

The Primal Guinea Pigs have gone bad!

After a good start from the um...start, the PGP's have all fallen from grace.
Wife and Sister In Law have pulled the work/life stress card, food standards have slid, training is minimal.
Work colleague has actually been very good with the food, but a bit slack on the training. And she had an impressive carb binge in the weekend! check it out!!!

To be honest, I have not been a good mentor, I have not held their hands through the process,  - more like cut them adrift...and my own un-primal food binging has crept up lately (photos withheld).

So what are we gonna do about it? REGROUP!

I have booked a potluck dinner date for us all to get together and eat-talk primal. And from there it will be time to set the next fitness assesment. Dates and events create motivation! Maybe we will find a race to enter...this one looks good:

Go the primal Guinea Pigs!