Training - W/C March 7th

I have one more full month of pure primal training before I switch into maintenance mode as we head into Winter. So following my system (which is more for my mind than my body) last week I did all new workouts that I had never done before. At this stage that means borrowing from Mark's Daily Apple for some "Workout's Of The Week" or "WOWs" for some easily adopted primal workouts.

Monday was very basic - a 25 minute climb session.
 I just found some of my favourite boulders at One Tree Hill and climbed up and down them for about half an hour. Simple.

Tuesday was a sprint-walk-sprint-repeat session.

Complete 15 minutes of:
6-second Sprint
6-second Sprint

 I did this in the Vibrams and they were great for this. I found 6 trees to act as a measure that were spaced out about how long it took me to sprint 6 seconds. This one was pure joy and I will be doing this again and again. Pure speed!

Wednesday - the-sweatstone  - break out the rocks!

1 cycle for time:
25 Meters Stone Crawl Push x 4
10 Shot Puts (5 each hand)
10 Overhead Throws
10 Chest Throws

I already have some rock based workouts so I was a bit snobbish about doing this one, but it turned out to be a good one. So it's worth trying new things right?!

Thursday - my workout this time - I trialled a workout that  I created a while back that is Parkour based, - "Parkour primer" - this involved the APK warm up to start with (just the 3 rounds circuit), followed by rail drills alternated with a vault circuit. I had planned to do more, but I was stuffed! I reckon I might add some wall skill work such as wall shimmys, and head to my fave wall for jumps and rolls there. More to be done here, but it shows promise. It takes longer to make your own workouts than to borrow one but it is more rewarding in the long term. Over the next few weeks I will be doing 10 primal workouts all created by myself, and they are my favourites.

Friday and it's back to  MDA's for the last new workout for the week; the explosion-complex.

5 cycles of:
10 Russian Lunges (5 each leg)
8 Explosive Clapping Pushups
5 Explosive Pullups
5 Weight Tosses

I loved this one, short and sweet, it's gonna be a fave.

So all in all, the Marks Daily Apple WOWs are great! Next week I am doing the "respect" week - tough workouts that I grudgingly endure for my own good...