Re-thinking my thinking.

I have been going through a revisionary process of late. Dr Kurt Harris of PaNu has been a key influencer on me due to his rational repositioning of his place in the paleo world. Basically he has tried to cut the BS that has grown out of the paleo movement and get back to the science; relaunching PaNu as Archevore:  “An Archevore is someone who eats based on essential principles, and also someone who hungers for essential principles. Take your pick.”

Kurt put together a model to represent his position, recreated below:

Essentially he is all about eliminating the Neolithic agents of disease to promote good health. The 3 Neolithic horsemen; wheat, fructose and excess linoleic acid are the key bad guys here. Here’s his word on it: paleo-20-a-diet-manifesto

In terms of my revision, I have relaxed about potatoes and rice to some degree, but have reduced the role of nuts and seeds. Dairy, rather than being a “primal vice” becomes in fact an essential element. The role of fruit  (fruit-fructose-availability-seasons) and olive oil (defending-olive-oils-reputation)  are the only sticking points for me. Both of my counters come from Sisson– he has stood up for olive oil in a way that makes sense to me, so it stays on my plate, albeit in moderation. Fruit is going to be seasonal for me (my seasons are weather/movement based) – I will try to keep it to a minimum over autumn/winter, but when the sun starts to shine and the movement levels get higher – I am ok with the idea that the activity, the sunshine and the fibre limit the negative fructose effects.

I have also been tweaking my training plan; the weekly cycle of new/respect/favourite/shock is too much admin and a bit too fixed, so I will ditch it while maintaining the spirit of the concept in my overall training.

As a result of over-training primal movement over summer I have put together a synthesis of a balanced Primal Blueprint type programme that integrates both primal chilled training with intense crossfit workouts. The basic elements are movement skills, lifting heavy, restorative activity, sprints, body movement, and stamina. The one constant across the year is lifting heavy things, and sprints.

The other thinking I have done is on the “Un-Zoo” concept. Check out the picture below;

Basically I want Un-Zoo to be less restricted as a concept than some of the others out there in the evolutionary milieu. The revision of Paleo 2 is nice within the context of diet and health, but there is a bigger picture to be a part of. Un-Zoo is just another word for freedom after all. So I have tried to conceptually position it alongside some of my favourites within the fitness, health and lifestyle categories, while allowing the Un-Zoo idea trickle beyond limitations of definition…lets see where it ends up.