Where the heck did Autumn go?

Where has Autumn gone? I think I went into hibernation early. As usual I have experimented with my seasonal training and come up with some changes.

Over Autumn I adopted the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan from Marks Daily Apple as a way of chilling out after an active Summer, and to see what it felt like to train in a purely primal format of sprinting, lifting heavy things, doing the primal workout of the week, and moving frequently at a slow pace.

The verdict? Too boring for me. It will make a great easy week for when I need it, but my mind and body requires a bit more action than I found doing this plan. I have lost my capacity for intense workouts over this period as well - not good! One thing I will say though, I have got stronger, progressively moving through the primal movements (pressup / pullup / squat / shoulder press / and planks) so currently I am doing decline pushups, plyo pullups, single leg box squats, half handstand pushups and advanced planks. So I will keep that for next time...ideally I will be knocking out clapping or weighted pushups, muscle ups or weighted pullups, handstand pushups and advanced spidermans at the top end of the plan.

But next time I have tweaked my season to be more than just balance/maintenance based - it will be more about skill development. With that in mind, I have "unbundled" CrossFit across the week so I do one track day (CrossFit Endurance), one weight day (kettlebells for me), one gymnastic day (CrossFit gymnastic skills/American Parkour WODs), one day for the Primal Blueprint Bodyweight progressions, and one day for a Primal workout of my own design (more fun).

For now though, its nearly time to grow a beard, cosy up for Winter and get some real good kettlebell workouts in, pretend to be a Russian... Plus we are going to start up a little half marathon training group from work, doing CrossFit Endurance intervals to prep for more frequent workouts over September/October. Should be fun - movement stops the chill!