Winter's Intent

The cold snap has just arrived and my kettlebell is sitting in the boot of my car ready for the chilled morning start. I am transitioning from the primal freak of summer to the grim Russian comrade of winter!

Over Winter the Primal Ginea Pigs have gone into hibernation, but are being replaced with a much more hard core (well, we will see...) group of endurance bunnies who i will call "the Winter Comrades". We are all entered into the Auckland Half Marathon, and we are going to nail it. Before that we have the "Tough Guy" in Auckland, July - also to be fully blitzed!

Meanwhile, my un-zoo-ness is spreading to broader concerns shared by others such as in this blog: Richard Louv's - new nature movement and more here...- primal living should be more than just food and exercise...go the un-zoo!