The Paleo Movement versus "individual optimality"

I like fruit. I have already come to my own position on fruit within the primal paradigm which is; "I like it - it's good for me and it fits my lifestyle".  So it's good to see some new thinking on fruit within the evolutionary context. The post on  freetheanimal is impressive - both in its attitude and its insight. I look forward to his post on "individual optimality". Meanwhile Denise Minger has done a great job addressing some of the myths of the modern paleo movement related to fruit. It is pretty ironic that a movement that started out questioning conventional wisdom also has plenty of its own myths - that is corruption for you. Good on these guys for poking the borax and maintaining the truly "evolutionary perspective".

Then on the flipside there is this: the robbwolf rebuttal. The protagonists of conventional wisdom have reviewed the "paleo diet" and found it wanting, so Rob Wolf had to step up to slay the dragons of mis-information. Good on him too!

We will all get there in the end, and it will be; here are the basics, but there will be individual optimality.
Bring it on. I guess the whole9life guys saw it coming when they created the Healthy/F-Off scale?

Oh - and I have a position on milk's not for me! Other full fat dairy yes - milk no. That's individual optimality in motion!