Seasonal revisited

I found this post on a blog called Critical Mas that i thought was a bit of a snap on the concepts i had been ruminating on: concluding-seasonal-strategies-for-fitness-and-nutrition and he referred to for the more original detail. Here's a couple of conceptual pictures.

Here's where my head was at originally:

I also align three different eating modes roughly by season;
Spring - Pure Paleo - the strict version that leans you out

Winter - Lacto -Paleo - includes dairy to complement the strength focus
Summer/Autumn - a mix of Primal Blueprint and Paleo 2, plus some holiday mode eating!

Critical Mas provides some seasonal strategies that gel with me; autumn, winter, spring, summer.
The only difference is i was slightly out of kilter with my concepts - thinking of winter as growth rather than repair time. i got summer right though!
Anyway like I said - it gels with me and I will give it a go. Things were starting to get unruly the other way!