I am back

I have been on a blog holiday. I am back into it again now, and have a few posts & pages coming up. This year I plan to move on from just a training focus to expand on the Un-Zoo concept.

Before I do though, I will need to wrap up Un-Zoo fitness. I have been refining my thoughts and testing it in practice. In a nutshell it blends full spectrum fitness with natural movement. I will do a page on this later, but currently I am at the stage where I am trying to drop some of those bootcamp moves that, while still being "functional movements", are not natural enough. So no burpees!

So my test week looks roughly like this:

Monday - Primal; natural obstacle course
Tuesday - Heavy; single overhead presses with heavy rock
Wednesday - Fast; 10 minutes of 400m/5 boulder deadlifts
Thursday - Skill; 30 minutes of climbing
Friday - Heavy Conditioning; primal log & rock combo 
Saturday - Long/Slow; garden chores, play with kids, walk/run dog on beach
Sunday - Stamina; Volcano/Coastal Run

The workouts will be constantly varied, but the spectrum elements (Primal, Heavy, Fast, Skill, Heavy Conditioning, Long/Slow and Stamina) will be constant. 

Here's a video of a short snippet of one of my natural obstacle course sessions. Apologies for the quality, it's not like a cool CrossFit video with angry music and crashing weights, and not even like a MovNat video with chilled club music and amazing feats! Just a quiet, peaceful, real nature shot, more like spotting an animal in a David Attenborough documentary... :)    

Get out there and surf some nature!