Unzoo Fitness and Seasonal Variation

 To Unzoo your fitness, you need to have the full fitness spectrum blended with natural movement, season variation that links to our evolutionary context, and a nutritional profile that complements our biological imperatives

This post is an off-shoot from the Unzoo Fitness page and outlines the Unzoo approach to Seasonal Variation.

To begin with, here's a map of the seasons according to activity levels and the related requirements of carbohydrates, sugar, sleep and intermittent fasting:

Comparing Winter to Summer gives you an idea of the variation; in Winter (repair mode) I have lower activity levels, more sleep, less carbs, zero sugar and activity engage in intermittent fasting. Summer (activity mode) is the reverse of Winter; more activity, more carbs and sugar, minimal intermittent fasting. The table below provides a slightly more detailed guide.

So how does that play out for Unzoo fitness? See the chart below. I maintain the fitness spectrum but tweak it according to the season.

So each season has a theme. The bi-polar focus for Winter compared to Summer is repair versus action. Just as in nature, Autumn and Spring are the graduation seasons. Autumn is a winding back from Summer activity levels, whereas Spring is gearing up for action. See below for a bit more of a guide.

See how I am truly full spectrum during Autumn and Spring, whereas the spectrum restricts over Winter and Summer slightly. Here's the rationale; Autumn is winding back, and entering a strength building stage. Winter maintains the strength focus but restricts the activity duration by investing in faster more intense workouts (get in & get out). Spring is preparation time, focusing on movement skill and re-kindling harder activity. Summer is all go!

Only other thing to note here is the differentiation between "zoo" and "unzoo" types of activities. By "zoo" I mean the more traditional, yet beneficial functional fitness activity, whereas unzoo refers to the similar activity but a truly natural movement practice, and outdoors.  A good example of this is the heavy session; The zoo version is classic Olympic lifts with a barbell, the unzoo version is outdoors, moving rocks or logs or other objects - generally the environment and the objects are less stable in some way. I have already mentioned on the Unzoo Fitness page that I generally skew the ratio of unzoo to zoo at about the good old 80/20, mostly because I find the unzoo moves are more sustainable on a whole bunch of levels.

So there it is, just a guide. Lets see how it goes. It is Autumn right now.
What do you reckon - make sense? Could it work for you?