Movement Flow Session

This morning for our skill session with my one Unzoo disciple we were working on our mindfulness and movement flow.

I have done this circuit before, either as part of a much bigger "journey workout", or one other time as a stamina session where I did it as a continuous circuit, as many rounds as possible for time, just for 15 minutes. That was killer, and not long after that I succumbed to one of the nasty bugs going around this winter, and ended up with bronchitis. WTF? So here I am, recovering and back into training after not having been to the doctors for three years.

Today was set as a light recovery session. DC was not convinced he could even do some of the jump/climbs initially, but after working on the sticking points together he started to own it.

We took this video at the end of the session.The first one is me, the next is DC. It is interesting to see the difference in styles; DC holds himself more compactly and has crisper form, whereas I am a bit more sloppy or relaxed looking, maybe even a little lopsided? One of the differences I noticed was my gaze is focused more to my overall path of movement whereas DC tends to look down more often and you can almost see him "triangulating" - calculating the relativity of his position to where he is going. Perhaps because he was newer to the movement than I was?

The key things I discussed with him was to try to avoid hesitation in approaching obstacles, no double stepping, breathe in sync with the movement requirements, and be mindful of the movement you are in, and going into. Plus have a "tap & go" relationship with the obstacles - that equals movement flow, and gets you flying. But don't get caught up in technical details, this stuff works best when it is play and fun.