Welcome to the Unzoo...

Part of the Unzoo credo is that you get outside and move like you are meant to. Welcome to my Unzoo playground! One Tree Hill works well for me, although I am a bit of a nomad and can end up training elsewhere depending on my mood or goals. Here's a mid-winter pictorial homage to this magnificent game-park, the place where I can be the most Unzoo...

My main stompin grounds
At the ground level. A movement frozen in time - getting ready to leap into a tree.

Dark morning starts can entail somewhat "ethereal beginnings' on some days.

One of my favourite obstacles; wall and tree vaults

The "Spartan Circle"  - the halfway house for unzoo movement

A more natural playground

The "fear cliff climb", just another obstacle, turning fear into fun.

The 6 second sprint session; 6 trees = 6 seconds; run for your life!
The climbing zone...

...from boulder to tree.
A place for fractal forest sprints
"The Forest" - good for rabbit chasing and log carrying

The gateway to Unzoo?
I just can't train in a gym anymore!