Unzooing Culture

My vision of the Unzoo process is that it starts from the inside out. See the Unzoo diagram below? That is you in the centre, then your habitat, then your culture. Altogether that is your world. It makes sense to me that the process would radiate out from small to large, from personal control to cultural collaboration. 

So far in this blog I have been focusing pretty much on the "you" aspect. It is the easiest place to start, and self conversion is a prerequisite for making any change in the wider world. Unzoo your food, your psyche', and your movement. But don't leave it there. Here is an inkling of where else you can go:

Zombie Apocalypse
Fifth Ape - Post Apocalypse Now: This is one of my favourite sites, and here's some great out-takes from this post that capture what I am talking about:

A lot of modern post-apocalyptic art highlights nature reclaiming urban areas. Everything is quiet - no traffic noise, airplane noise, no construction noise, no constant beeping of phones. Perhaps this speaks to a universal desire to reconnect with the natural world and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet?
Our cultural obsession with post-apocalyptic scenarios speaks to a widespread dissatisfaction with our current lifestyles. We feel trapped and we want a release.
We can make the world we want to live in, on an individual level but also on a societal level. I really think we all must make an effort to live simply and sustainably - for our own health and happiness, sure, but also because it shouldn't take a global catastrophe for us to see the error of our ways. Let's take steps now to avoid the apocalypse. I'd really miss the coffee.

And on the same site (via TED), although it's sure to have gone viral, is this "Good Talk" from Charles Moreland (TEDxFlourCity) about using Parkour as a tool to combat the cultural trend of displaced responsibility (and other rotten societal developments):
Charles will introduce us to parkour training; a form of fitness and dexterity training that employs natural (yet under-utilized) movements to effectively navigate the environment. He addresses some misconceptions about parkour and describes its practical advantages. He also brings a thought provoking perspective regarding the sedentary lifestyle, play behavior and social norms.

So that's a bit of Unzoo culture. Make sure you are ready for it...