Unzoo your senses.

A key part of the Unzoo process is to Unzoo your movement. Ain't no argument with that. By that I mean hooking in primal movement patterns as a regular part of your life. I should probably do a blog on the benefits of doing this, but not today. It seems obvious to me.

Today I acknowledge the importance of unzooing your senses; very related to movement, but hugely relevant on its own merits.

It seems the paleo trend started out from a diet base which has reached a critical threshold and now  human movement has become the next big thing to gain traction. That's all good I guess, but now is a good time to think about the senses in the same context.

Movement and the senses are intricately linked. Yet the whole movement training trend appears to be focused primarily on physical movement without meshing in with sensory variables. There is some basic reference in terms of sensory feedback, barefoot benefits, and balance requirements. But is that it? 

Smell this

Food for thought. I think another part of the Unzoo progress is definitely to Unzoo your senses as well as your movement. I am starting to experiment with this by exploring sensory aspects when in a movement session.  For instance sensory deprivation by blindfolding while moving through complex terrain  is  a great way to both appreciate your vision but also discover how much other sensory resource you have.

But maybe for Unzoo we should not just limit sensory development to the movement link. There is a broader scope to our senses that we need to Unzoo to live the fuller lives we are meant to live.