Marks Daily Apple asks the Unzoo question...

Is the technology in your life working for you or against you?

Sounds almost like an extract from my Fleshing out Unzoo:

Zoo can be many things. It describes a state of being. Zoo is anti-nature. Zoo is what happens when our tools stop working for us, and work against us instead. Zoo can be technology, our tools, our culture. Our architecture, our food, our movement, our politics. Even the size of our population is "zoo" if it goes beyond its natural bounds. 

When do things become zoo? Anytime things work against our true nature. And our true nature is based on how we have evolved to be. A "zoo human" is a human removed from its natural environment, not eating food appropriate to its species, not moving in all the ways a human has evolved to move. It is when our population exceeds our resources (natural and psycho-cultural). When our technology has exceeded the natural boundaries of our evolution. 

So what is Unzoo? "Undoing the zoo" invokes an evolutionary context to all thinking. It embraces working with nature as opposed to working against nature. Tools and technology are Unzoo if they work for us and with nature. Our nature and the nature we live in. 

Unzoo is an inherently subversive concept given that it seeks to reverse some of the key developments of civilisation that are "zoo". This is not to say that Unzooing is a step back from progress. Rather it is a new path to move forward on.