Unzoo Links - The Scope of Unzoo

The scope of Unzoo is comprehensive and I am always noting content for blog posts but never have enough time to see how far the rabbit hole goes…its more than about movement, or diet, - it filters across deep thinking about existence, technology, zoos as a parable for the human condition, health, politics and economics, habitat and architecture, population and culture, human physicality, and more yet...

The best I can do for now is catalogue the content that I connect to the Unzoo in order to describe its scope and shape, and as a future reference.

So here it is; (PS – some of these are for arguing against rather than for!)

Deep Unzoo:

The Fermi Paradox: Where the Hell Are the Other Earths? (evolutionary context on a cosmic scale)
The Shape Of Society Is Determined By Farming Methods In Antiquity
A Manifesto for Rewilding the World


Take a hike - why doctors should prescribe 'nature'
So tell us, where do the children play?



Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?
Japan Reveals The World's First Humanoid Newscaster
Stewart Brand: My plan B for climate change


Wild Animals, Zoos, and You: The Influence of Habitat on Health (John Durant)
Captive means not free
Glass-Free Menagerie: New Zoo Concept Gets Rid Of Enclosures


The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Dung Beetles Teach Us About the Circular Economy?
Finding your purpose in business



New exhibition in Copenhagen explores the city as a green ecosystem
Costa Rica's Self-Sustaining Tree House Community
Model Summer Rayne Oakes Turns Her Brooklyn Apartment into a Greenhouse Filled with 200+ Plants
5+Design's Michael Ellis Discusses How Architecture Can Fight Obesity

The Pre-Fabricated Skyscraper & The Clean-Tech Utopia: Two Game-Changing, Sustainable Proposals in China
Has the time come for floating cities?
10 Books That Could Change the Way You Understand Modern Cities
Witness the World's Most Extreme Passive House
The Crazy Genius Behind Solar Roadways

Reinvented: Futuristic Toilet Extolls the Health Benefits of Squatting
How to make a city great
Modern Office in the Forest
14 Once-Abandoned Places Now Reclaimed By Animals
25 Ways to Make Your House Awesome
World's climate experts forecast apocalyptic weather
What’s the biggest limit on city growth? (Hint: it's not steel or cement)
 The world’s new growth frontier: Midsize cities in emerging markets
 Global cities of the future: An interactive map
 Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class
Dubai to Create the World's First Climate-Controlled City
Smarter People Are More Likely To Move To Cities
 China Is Building A Brand New Green City From Scratch
 5 Eco-Friendly Cities Built From The Ground Up
 Why Wild Animals Are Moving Into Cities, And What To Do About It

 Population (remember when there used to be humans?):


Graeme Easte: Auckland needs population strategy

Human physicality:

Follow your nose, it probably knows
Exoskeleton legs let you pull up a pew anywhere