An Updated Unzoo Movement Template.

Here's a little update on how my  Unzoo Movement training has developed so far. The overall theme appears to be my usual trick of synthesis - combining dichotomies to broaden the spectrum, to develop true general physical preparedness and variety of experience. 

The basis of my training template stems from Mark Sissons Primal Fitness Blueprint: lift heavy, sprint efforts, and long duration effort each week. 
Additional  to that is a MovNat influence with a session on building movement, and adaptive movement. 

My new development has been to create a weekly rotation of three themes: 
1. Classic functional fitness. This includes American Parkour sessions, CrossFit Wods. ( could add others here: gymnastics, martial arts)
2. Unzoo Movement. 
3. Unstructured Natural Movement. 

Here's my reasoning; Be open and eclectic. There has been a bit of focus recently from the natural movement community on the benefits of exposure to environmental discomfort. CrossFit on the other hand has always preached the mantra of becoming comfortable with discomfort. Why not both? I have seen CrossFitters who can't handle outdoor conditions, and MovNatters who can't handle intensity. I have found a similar pattern in myself where doing a functional fitness session will wreck me because I have only been engaging in movement efficiency. Go full spectrum for both. 

An extension of this idea comes from having practiced a bit of parkour recently. Don't just stick to natural environments. Roll on concrete! It's harder and forgives bad technique much less than grass.   Yes, training outdoors in a natural environment is good for you, but why not urban environments too?  Expand your environmental contexts to test and develop your general physical competency and adaptiveness. 

But wait! There's more. Thanks to Rafe Kelly's teachings from I have further embraced structure vs unstructured experience. It's really the holy grail of movement experience. Taking yourself into the outdoors and engaging in unstructured movement is the pinnacle of combining environmental and situational complexity for mind and body benefit. 

So there's quite a lot there, all good but how can you do it all? You can't easily, so you have to share the time. For me I like to rotate each week from classic functional fitness, to Unzoo movement (structured) to unstructured natural movement sessions. Let's see how it goes.