Unzoo returns...

Whoops...sorry, slight sabatical. Wow, actually a year! Time does slide by.

Okay - last post was about trying to integrate both structured and unstructured movement sessions into my movement practice each week. My approach was flawed in that it involved trying to schedule the unschedulable. A year later I am pretty happy with where I have landed in terms of my movement sessions.

Here's the basic gist;

On a weekly basis:
  • Engage the full primal fitness spectrum - sprint, lift heavy things, move frequently at a slow pace. (credit to Marks Daily Apple)

  • Unzoo your movement - move like a human bro! Breathing, walking, running, balancing, crawling, climbing, swimming, (and related aquatic skills), lifting, carrying, throwing, and self-defense skills such as striking and grappling. (credit to MovNat)
  •  Zoo your movement - yes it has a place. When it's dark, cold and wet during winter it is more "efficient" to embrace a little human zoo-ness in the form of  skills & drills, modern calisthenics and a CrossFit-like General Preparedness Program. (credit to CrossFit and others)
  • Summer training, for me, is when fun really surfaces. The goal of my Winter training is to develop to be strong, fast, skilled and robust. When Summer comes play gets the priority. Just chose a location or activity to engage and let it be. It's also when I add in a restorative session to balance the higher activity levels of the season.

  • Move in nature. Sorry but I just can't compromise on this key aspect!

 So what else is happening in the Unzoo scene?  
Well, the Paleo Diet is now fully mainstream,commercialised, and still going. Being corrupted, some would say; indeed at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year there was plenty of concern about the direction of the ancestral health movement and a wonderful suggestion that it should perhaps "stay radical to stay pure" much like the concept of feminism has managed to do (argueably).  I am happy to stick to the basics of avoiding the 3 neolithic agents of modern disease - sugar, gluten, and industrialised oils. Plus not being rigid with it, so I can relax, experience and evolve!

In my Flipboard Unzoo magazine recent headines cover:

Some of it inspiring, some of it not so much...

That will do for now.
Unzoo you.